Friday, 13 August 2010

Dirty correspondence 1

I've been exchanging words recently with my local MP - and not for the first time. I thought I'd dig out the correspondence to bring you up to speed:

This was my first email sent 31 July 2008

> For the Cathays Focus Team,
> I'm sending a quick email in the hope of some action
> in my local area. I live at XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Road and
> have recently been really disgusted by the state of
> the road.
> There are a number of empty/old/broken fridges outside
> the Electrical store opposite the pub
> which have been lay at the side of the road for a few
> months now.
> There are also a large number of houses who are
> filling up their front yards with rubbish and do not
> seem to have been asked to clean them up. Rubbish is
> blowing down the street and into the yards of other
> cleaner neighbours! The sheer amount of rubbish in
> these yards is definately likely to cause rat problems
> and continues all the way up the road.
> Whilst I'm in my 20's and able to pop out and clean up
> my yard on a regular basis I feel sorry for my elderly
> neighbours who need to clean theirs.
> Also litter is often left out too late on collection
> day and therefore left on the street for another week
> and the bags are picked apart by seagulls.
> After the collection yesterday when I walked home from
> work the pavement was full of rubbish left over that
> the bin men refuse to pick up after the bags have
> split. Can a street cleaner be sent down after the bin
> men? Should the bin men be encourage to clean up split
> bags? If a seagull or cat has ripped open the bag
> overnight it is hardly the residents fault.
> I'd really appreciate some council assistance in
> getting this road tidyed up. It's a nice area to live
> but is currently looking really bedraggled.
> I have just sent off payment for permit parking for
> this area - not only do I now have to pay to park on
> my own road (to discourage non-residents from parking
> there) but I am even asked to enclose a stamped
> addressed envelope! What is my £5 for a permit for? A
> second permit costs £30... I can't believe the council
> are so short of money that I need to include my own
> postage paid envelope. If having to pay for your
> permit isn't galling enough, having to put a SAE in
> certainly is!
> Anyway, here is hoping that you can arrange for these
> problems to be looked at - at least a van to collect
> the abandoned fridges and waste would be appreciated.
> Kind Regards

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